Green Bay Printer Updates Equipment

Allegra Print and Marketing Downtown has upgraded its envelope printing ability. We have added the OKI 900 enveloper printer to our production equipment. This new digital printer gives us the ability to print just black, 2 or 3 colors, or full CMYK color envelopes. This new machine is fast and required very little set up so we can provide printed envelopes to our customers in just 1 or 2 days. When you need envelopes give us a try!

Content Marketing

Creating and distributing relevant information to attract an audience and, ultimately, drive profitable customer action is the backbone of content marketing. But without the right resources, having a powerful strategy that delivers on your investment is hardly a sure thing. In fact our recent study of small and medium-sized business marketers conducted with an independent research firm identified the lack of content creation resources as the biggest obstacle to an effective program. Allegra Print and Marketing Downtown can be a useful resource to help you create effective content for your marketing efforts.

To see the latest trends in content marketing download this pdf.


Boost Your Digital Efforts With Hi-Impact Print

According to a survey by Two Sides, people prefer paper-based media; 70% (including 69% of 18- to 24-year-olds) say they prefer to read print and paper communications rather than reading off of a screen. Once you’ve spent the time, effort and money to create valuable, relevant content, here are a few reasons why print delivers…and can help your great content get noticed and remembered.

Persuasive – Savvy content marketers use printed materials to point readers to online content – and vice versa.

Relevant – Targeted mailing lists enable you to pinpoint the right audiences and eliminate wasted effort to those unlikely to want what you’re offering.

Durable – You might not think of printed materials as “viral” but they’re often passed along and sometimes with the bonus of an in person recommendation.

Dimensional – It’s easy to up the visual appeal with die-cut shapes and multi-folds that pique interest and enable you to organize, present or reveal your content with optimum effect.

Eye-catching – Catch the attention – and imagination – of readers with Gloss UV, or Soft Touch coatings.

Printer Offers Great Marketing Tips

Marketing Insider

Marketing Insider is an award winning publication featuring marketing help and information for businesses and non-profits. Marketing insider is a professional piece that you don’t expect from the printer down the street and we provide this information to our customers at no cost. The latest issue focuses on content marketing like infographics, writing case studies, and high impact print.

Call or email me to get the latest copy of Marketing Insider:
Carl Nordholm

More than a Printer

Allegra Print and Marketing Downtown is more than just a Printer. We offer a full array of Marketing Services including Direct Mail. It is thought that Postal Mail is old fashioned and email is the way to communicate today. However, recent surveys show that people prefer getting information through Postal Mail over Email/Online.

Reasons for Preferring Postal Mail over Email/Online:
1) Can read the info when it is convenient for me.
2) Can refer back to the info when needed.
3) Can take the info easily to different places.
4) Can pass info along easily to others.
5) Already get too much email.
6) Would prefer not to have to print the info.
7) It is more private if sent through the mail than sent by email.
8) A lot of info online can’t be trusted.
9) I trust info received by mail more than online.

Newsletter Outreach Tips

Here are 3 quick tips for optimizing your newsletter outreach:

  1. Encourage feedback.  Allow readers to comment, suggest topics for future issues and even submit their own articles.
  2. Spread the work.  Offer newsletter subscriptions on your website’s home page, social media pages and in other print communications.
  3. Write once and re-use.  The best content marketers look for ways to re-purpose their material across multiple vehicles: newsletter articles can become blogs, social posts or tip sheet on your website.

Let us know if you’re ready to get started with newsletters.  We can help!


Print Marketing Presented to Creative Connections

On Tuesday, September 30, 2014, Carl and Abbie Nordholm, owners of Allegra Print and Marketing Downtown Green Bay, were presenters at the first meeting of Creative Connections.  Creative Connections, recently launched by Mosaic Arts, is a new group of arts organizations of all disciplines in the greater Green Bay area.  Carl and Abbie discussed the importance of print marking, including logo design, brochure design and printing and catalog design and printing.  They also discussed the three components of a direct mail campaign: the list, the offer, and the creative.  More details on this in a future blog.

New Brochure for Manitowoc Tool and Machining

We just finished designing and printing this 8 page brochure for Manitowoc Tool and Machining.  It features their equipment, capabilities, and most importantly their quality.  This brochure will be an integral tool for the sales team when marketing and promoting their company.  Take a look at the pdf to see what we can do for you and your business.

Manitowoc Tool and Machining Brochure

Survey Says: Promotional Products are Cost-effective, Influential and Valued

If you think of promotional items as throwaways or afterthoughts in a marketing campaign, think again. The Advertising Specialty Institute polled more than 7,000 consumers in 21 metro areas to gauge their impressions . . . and the results may surprise you. Consider:

  • 76% of consumers who own calendars say they display them prominently in their homes or offices.
  • Recipients of ad specialties are passing them along, extending the advertisers’ reach. In fact, 63% of U.S. respondents said that when they receive a logo’ed item they no longer wish to keep, they give it to someone else; 64% do the same in Canada.
  • Promotional product recipients clearly remember the advertisers on the items they receive. A majority (86% in the U.S. and 85% in Canada) can recall the company name.


Want to learn more?  Contact Carl,, 920-435-0701, to get the latest products and deals.