Boost Your Digital Efforts With Hi-Impact Print

According to a survey by Two Sides, people prefer paper-based media; 70% (including 69% of 18- to 24-year-olds) say they prefer to read print and paper communications rather than reading off of a screen. Once you’ve spent the time, effort and money to create valuable, relevant content, here are a few reasons why print delivers…and can help your great content get noticed and remembered.

Persuasive – Savvy content marketers use printed materials to point readers to online content – and vice versa.

Relevant – Targeted mailing lists enable you to pinpoint the right audiences and eliminate wasted effort to those unlikely to want what you’re offering.

Durable – You might not think of printed materials as “viral” but they’re often passed along and sometimes with the bonus of an in person recommendation.

Dimensional – It’s easy to up the visual appeal with die-cut shapes and multi-folds that pique interest and enable you to organize, present or reveal your content with optimum effect.

Eye-catching – Catch the attention – and imagination – of readers with Gloss UV, or Soft Touch coatings.